20 Things About Customer Un-Service

Ways To Take The Service Out Of Customer Service As Learned During Ongoing Experience With Local Pharmacy

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  1. When patient drops off prescription Friday morning advise that her medicine will be ready in an hour.  Do not look in system to see if this medicine is readily available.
  2. Three hours after the patient drops off the script have an automated message contact patient’s mother to say the filling of the prescription is delayed and that patient’s mother will receive a call soon.
  3. Early evening: When patient’s mother calls on status (because no callback was received) tell patient’s mother that the medication is out of stock at the store but that it will be ordered from warehouse and will be delivered to store by noon the next day. Tell mother she will receive a call around 12:30 Saturday indicating medication is ready for pick-up.
  4. When patient’s mother calls on Saturday afternoon (around 2 pm because no callback was received) tell her that there is no Saturday delivery from the warehouse.
  5. Tell patient’s mother you will call other stores in the area and that if medication is in stock mother can go pick up prescription at other store because there is no delivery between stores.
  6. When you call mother over an hour later tell her that you have located one store with medication in stock but it is half the strength indicated on the doctor’s script.
  7. Tell patient’s mother she can call doctor’s office on a Saturday afternoon to see if this would be acceptable.
  8. When mother requests confirmation that full strength medication is indeed in stock at warehouse tell her that you have checked. Offer no explanation as to why this wasn’t done Friday.
  9. Tell mother that it is in stock at warehouse and that she will receive a call around 12:30 on Monday.
  10. When polite but impatient mother of patient calls pharmacy at 3:30 pm on Monday to check on status (because no callback was received) tell her that the order hasn’t been filled yet.
  11. In response to mother’s request to speak with pharmacist make sure mother has to wait on hold.
  12. When pharmacist comes on line have her tell patient’s mother that this prescription is no longer being manufactured.
  13. Tell patient’s mother you will call her back because you are busy and have a lot of people waiting. Try not to think about the fact that patient has been waiting for over 72 hours.
  14. When mother asks how it happens that she was told medication was stocked in warehouse make up a cockamamie answer given by pharmacy tech on Saturday.
  15. Make sure pharmacist now tells mother that non-generic form might be available for more than 3 times the cost of original prescription.
  16. The pharmacist dare not offer to call doctor’s office to come up with another solution. Politely agree that this might be a good idea when frustrated, but still polite, mother suggests it.
  17. Tell mother you will assign pharmacy tech the task of contacting doctor’s office. When this is met with complete and utter silence back paddle and say you will contact doctor’s office.
  18. Know that Mother will contact doctor’s office just in case. New prescription is called in immediately but do not call mother to say it is being worked on.
  19. Wait until mother calls and have a different pharmacy tech tell mother that doctor called it in but it is not entered in the system yet.
  20. Let mother know it should be ready in about 2 hours and tell her she will DEFINITELY receive a call.

Fear not my medication non-dispensing friends.

The patient may still be in discomfort.

Fortunately for all involved this was not a medication needed for an emergency.

The impatient mother of the patient did not use her finely honed verbal skills to assault you and is admittedly a little bit happy about this incompetence as it has provided fodder for her blog (and the millions thousands hundreds tens of readers) and allowed her to employ her passive aggressive behavior in a somewhat acceptable fashion.





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