On Being Silly

Ninety!  Really?

Ninety! Really?


Wishful Thinking


Decisions, decisions!

Decisions, decisions!

Sometimes you just have to be silly.

Recently I had lunch with two former co-workers.

I said, “Oh look!  48.  My age.”

For a minute one of them believed me.  Ok, maybe more like 10 seconds and then she remembered the ages of the hooligans.

We laughed because she got “90”.  Our other friend didn’t get her own number so we did a photo op with her holding both.  There we are, 3 grown women, sitting in a restaurant snapping pictures of each other and having the best time.  (Of course I have their permission to post these pictures).

Silliness is good.

Laughter is healthy.

Ecclesiastes 3:4 advises that there is ” a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance”.  One dose of the headlines gives cause for a lot of tears.

Isn’t it wonderful, though, that we are also reminded to laugh? To dance?

Find a friend or family member and do something silly.  Just because you can and because it’s fun. Take a picture.  And then come back here and post a comment and tell us what how it went.

Gratefulness Matters!

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