40 Ways In Which Blogging Is Like Making Your Own Pizza

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  1. Most people will never attempt it even though they have all the right stuff
  2. You should do a little bit (or a lot) of prep work before you start
  3. Fresh ingredients are desirable
  4. Everyone that attempts it had a first time
  5. You should know why you’re doing it…even if the reasons change at some point
  6. Someone else’s will be better than yours
  7. Someone else’s will not be as good as yours
  8. If you don’t extend an invitation others won’t know what you’ve created
  9. Finding out how others do theirs is a good place to begin
  10. It’s a little scary at first
  11. It remains scary
  12. Presentation is almost everything
  13. It has to have flavor to go along with the presentation
  14. Hopefully your 50th one is better than your first
  15. The experts or more experienced disagree among themselves about the process
  16. Both are time consuming
  17. spray-bottles-with-scrub-1113tm-pic-1397

  18. Some days you would rather scrub your shower
  19. Learning how to create it is fun but at some point you have to start
  20. Some days you just want someone else to make it and deliver it to your door
  21. There is always something to learn

  22. Myriad recipes for success are available for free on the Internet
  23. Not every recipe is right for you but like anything, take what works and leave the rest
  24. Your creation might get fancier as you become more experienced
  25. Blogging concept

  26. The equipment occasionally fails and you have to postpone for a day
  27. Sometimes you have to call in an expert to get things working again
  28. Perfectionism is the enemy
  29. Success and failure are both great teachers
  30. Give credit where credit is due when someone helps in any way
  31. If it flops, so what? You’re still alive and breathing

  32. Each one is unique
  33. By attempting it you might have discovered a talent of which you were unaware
  34. Your venture might inspire others to try something new
  35. Once you start you will be able to offer a little help to someone else attempting it for the first time
  36. Both can be done at home while in your pajamas
  37. There are people all around the globe who would be grateful to be able to attempt creating one but don’t have the resources
  38. When you give a a sincere compliment about someone else’s it only makes yours better
  39. It can be addicting
  40. Sometimes you make do with the ingredients on hand and it still turns out fine
  41. You might like it even if no one else does
  42. Personal preference about your blog or pizza does not mean approval or disapproval…it just means personal preference

    What venture have you started or are you planning to start? Please leave a comment below so me may celebrate with you!

    photo credit: Amarand Agasi via photopin cc


  1. Ruth Ann says:

    I’ll stick to making Pizza!…LOL! I do enjoy reading your blogs…..I always get a good chuckle for the day, and it causes me to think of you and smile! Love you sis!

    • Cindi says:

      Thank you. I must confess, I really was thinking of pizza the entire time I was writing it. Pizza should be its own food group.

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