It is more fun to put up Christmas decorations than to take them down.

Keeping things simple made for less stress this year.

It is not a good idea to tackle room renovations during the holidays unless you can artfully incorporate paint supplies, uninstalled flooring and a water heater into your decorating scheme.

The family gift exchange was every bit as fun as in times past. Click here to read about one particular gift that has brought much laughter to our family.

Singing Silent Night by candlelight on Christmas Eve remains a moving experience.

Only ten months, give or take a day, until my Christmas music reappears.

Cashiers, postal workers, servers and people in general seem to appreciate a kind word of encouragement and a smile.

Defining the perfect Christmas is as impossible as achieving it.

I thought about this a lot this season.

For many years I had expectations about what the holidays should be like. In the midst of the preparations this year I asked myself how I would know a “perfect” Christmas if I experienced it.

I was surprised when I couldn’t come up with an exact scenario.

Of course I would want all of my loved ones around-especially those that have passed away.

But the gifts? Not that important.

The decorations? They go out of style.

Even the food (which I do love) does not a perfect Christmas make.

The more I thought about it the more I realized that there is no such thing as a perfect Christmas. What I did celebrate, however, were the moments, the people and He Who is the reason for every season.

What are you thinking about as we get ready to close out another year?





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