The Bicycling Name Caller_Thankful Thursday

NX_racing_bike_jet_engineThis morning I was called the orifice associated with the elimination of fecal material. Not once, not twice but three times. By a complete stranger. Added to this was the fact that it was approximately 6:15 am. That has all the fixins of a great day, that does.

I mentioned before that I am MOMD’s chauffeur at this time. Click here to read about why he has the privilege of having  his own personal chauffeur…albeit one that drives a bit quicker than he does. This morning things were moving along in a good manner, considering it was still dark out and I had yet to have even a sip of coffee.

MOMD and I are chatting as I approach a street, preparing to make a left turn. There was a building to the right, impeding my view, so I pulled into the crosswalk to get a better look. I noticed a male and a female bicyclist coming up to the crosswalk. Looking in my rearview mirror, I considered backing up to let them pass. Before I can get the car into reverse the woman on the bike yells, “That’s illegal. What you’re doing is illegal!”

I’m startled.

Suddenly the male cyclist declares his opinion that I am the part of the human body mentioned in the first sentence. They ride on past. He apparently thinks that I am one part of the human anatomy-but that another part, my ears, are not working properly.

He rides down the sidewalk like he is a ten year old kid racing against me. Two more times, while riding, he yells the same thing. For some reason I am flabbergasted and MOMD is laughing. We are in a pretty rough neighborhood and MOMD cannot believe that a guy riding a bike would yell obscenities at a person in a car in the early morning hours.

I think of many things I would like to say to the bike riding name caller. With no traffic behind me I stop the car, open my window and yell “Have a nice day!” No one is more shocked than me. These are not the words I intended to hurl. As I pull away the female yells, “God Bless!”  I could not make this stuff up, people.

Why is this my Thankful Thursday post?

I didn’t yell what I was thinking.

My day did improve. I got home and made a cup of coffee and sat down to enjoy a few minutes of peace and quiet. Thankfully, the roofers arrived right around that time to make sure there was no lengthy rest time.

Thank you for reading!

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