Why Do I Want This?

Yesterday’s post was on dreams and taking on new challenges.  I believe dreams and goals are wonderful things.

Today I am thinking about things for which I use to hope. Some of those things would not have been good for me at the time. Looking back, many of the things probably weren’t as exciting as I had thought.


photo credit: nyoin via photopin cc

photo credit: nyoin via photopin cc

When I was in elementary school one of my best friends had to begin wearing glasses. When I saw how cool she looked in those glasses I wanted them.

Next thing you know I told my mom I thought I needed glasses. I was taken to the eye doctor. Diagnosis? Perfect eyesight! What?

I tried this more than once but it wasn’t until I was much much older that I finally needed glasses.

And now? I’d like to go back to not needing them, thank you!

I only need them to read. Invariably my glasses are anywhere but where I am at any given moment.  Maybe if they looked like this I wouldn’t forget where I left them.


photo credit: Chapendra via photopin cc

photo credit: Chapendra via photopin cc


I also wanted braces. It did not take an doctor to diagnose this time. Perfectly straight, really white teeth. I guess I come from good stock. I’m grateful for this now. At the time I wanted braces, though, I felt like I was missing out on something.

Photo by Mary R. Vogt

Photo by Mary R. Vogt

Oh, I was missing out on something. Suffering. Inconvenience.

One of my daughters wore braces for 9 years. Believe me it was no picnic. She rarely complained and has beautiful straight teeth now. The issues with her jaw alignment are resolved but I know the process was painful and disruptive. Braces are also confining if you like gummy worms or popcorn. When I wanted the braces I didn’t know or care that there was discomfort involved. Nor did I realize braces would actually damage my teeth if I didn’t need them.

Corrective eyewear and orthodontia are both very useful things and I am thankful that both exist. Neither of them would have been good for me at the time I thought I wanted them though. I wanted them because someone else had them. That was the only reason. Desiring things based solely because another has them are flimsy and dangerous reasons.  I often have to ask myself the reason I want something.

Is there a time when you wanted something because a friend possessed it?  Did you eventually come to realize that you were better off without it?


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