Presence Over Productivity_Thankful Thursday

Songwriters write about it.

Authors write about it.

Speakers discuss it.

Before I name that of which I speak, I’m going to pose a question (or two).

Question mark

What did you do today?

What were you thinking about today when you were doing whatever it is you were doing?

What I’m really wondering is are we living in the moment?

So often I am doing one or two things simultaneously and thinking about something or someone else. I think I miss a lot when I do that because I won’t ever have that moment again. Never.

When I am conscious of it though, I can choose to be fully present in that moment.

Earlier I was riding my bike and started thinking of the things I was planning on doing when I got home. At that moment I realized that I was missing the pleasure of the ride because I was putting together a to do list.

Is it wrong to plan? Of course not.

There are times, however, when the best use of my time and energy is to enjoy what I’m doing or the person whose company I’m sharing. Isn’t planning, after all, suppose to be a tool to help us get them most out of the time we’re allotted?

Back to my bike ride. Rather than wasting the ride I decided to look at the trees as I drove by them. I looked at the sky and listened to the chirping of the birds. I paid attention to the smell of food being cooked.

Perhaps one of the reasons we often feel discontent is because we’re worrying about the past or fretting about the future, all the while ignoring the very things or people that make our heart sing. At least once today I chose presence over productivity, and for that I am grateful.

Your turn. Please leave a comment in the section below and tell us what you think. Is living in the moment something you do consistently?

Thank you for stopping by and using some of your moments here!



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