One Day, Two Guys_Thankful Thursday

As an infant he was easy to please. Born on the same day as his father he brightened the world when he arrived.

Happy birthday

Happy birthday

He was a big baby, ten pounds, 3 ounces at birth. His mother was in love the first time she held him. His grandfather was so proud when the infant’s middle name was announced. It was the grandfather’s first name.

He took his first steps while home alone with his father. Fittingly, the steps were in conjunction with the loud music playing in the background, and the steps appeared to be a dance. There is a video to confirm the steps and decibel level of the song.

As a boy he loved legos, dirt, noise, the movie Benji the Hunted, music and his family. Mischief followed him. A kinesthetic student-doing rather than reading, taking apart and reassembling as opposed to watching continues to be his learning style.

The next few years were comprised of joys, stumbling, victories and failures. What emerged at that time was a heart to help people. When needed he drove his Grandma to her doctor appointments, went through lifeguard training and to this day, almost with out exception, will notice and stop to help a person in need. He once saw an elderly woman fall in a parking lot. It was raining and so he asked passersby carrying umbrellas to stand near the woman until the ambulance arrived.

Today he is twenty five years old. His mother, father and all the others who love him are so grateful to be in his life.  He is like his father, the one with whom he shares a birthday, in numerous ways. Both are responsible, kind and humorous…their puns can use some work.

Loyal and generous are two more to describe these men of mine.  It is an honor to be wife to one and momma to the other.  Happy Birthday!




  1. Lynn says:

    I remember the day that Luke was born. It’s amazing it’s been twenty five years. Oh, the stories I could tell about that day! He’s a special one as is his father!! Happy birthday to you both…and many more! 😘

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