An Ongoing List_Thankful Thursday

NewTyping away in my little office last weekend I thought about stuff that I’ve done in the last decade or so.

What would your list include?

I took online graduate level courses. This may not seem like such a big deal to the younger crowd but I was once excited about receiving a Texas Instruments handheld calculator.

I got a passport.

Excel doesn’t scare me.

I’m able to ride my bike more than 20 miles in one day. There might be a few refueling stops included in the trip but, hey, a girl’s gotta eat.

Last week I formed what was suppose to be an owl out of a blob of clay.  The finished project is still in the kiln. I am fairly certain that heating it up to a gazillion degrees is not going to help it along to make it recognizable as part of the order of Strigiformes.It was a fun evening, however, and it reminded me of how great it is to try something new…even when mine doesn’t look like anyone else’s.

I’ve read books and blogs about stuff in which I never before had an interest.

Bananas are now included in the list of things I will eat. I still find the texture and the flavor revolting but I read somewhere that they are good for you. It doesn’t make them taste any better though.

The prompt behind this post is that I have been engaged in an email conversation with someone who is taking her first online course. She seems a little nervous about this as well as fairly excited. I’m proud of her, though, even if I haven’t met her. There is quite a learning curve in taking an online course and yet she is tackling it!

When we try something new we often fear failing.

  • What if I can’t figure it out?
  • What if it’s harder than I thought?
  • What if I don’t do it perfectly?
  • If I don’t finish that race, then what?

Gee, I wonder why my list sounds so familiar. Possibly because I’ve asked myself these questions a whole lot of times. (Disclaimer: I cannot remember the last race in which I was involved. I don’t think racing for the last piece of Key Lime Pie at a family dinner counts).

I’m repeating the questions and this time the answers that often pop into my head.

What if I can’t figure it out? So? I didn’t know how to do it before.
What if it’s harder than I thought? Then I can keep trying or decide it isn’t worth the effort.
What if I don’t do it perfectly? Who’s watching? Who cares? 
If I don’t finish that race, then what? At least I started. Or in my case, racing may not interest me enough to even start. 

I’m thankful that as long as I have life and a little bit of breath I will have the chance to learn and succeed and then learn some more.

I’m interested in what you’ve attempted these past few months or years. Leave a comment below.  Thank you for reading.




  1. Linda Grelles says:

    Well Cindi you are a dear friend after my own heart, I also detest bananas. But you’ve gotten over it, I haven’t and probably never will. To be truthful I don’t even want to.
    I was telling a friend today that this time in my life is so peaceful and that’s a first for me. In the past there have been times that life was so stressful I didn’t know how I could take the next breath without exploding. I’m sure we’ve all been in that place.
    I went on a weekend retreat with my church ladies, that was a first and so enjoyable.
    There are a lot of firsts for me the past few years.
    I have such great people in my life and you’re one of those people.
    Love ya, Linda

    Just touching on a couple.

  2. Nancy says:

    I think the older you get, the less fear you have for putting yourself in situation you haven’t been in before. I can only speak for myself as I have tried to crochet hats and now have a collection of cute doll hats! Lol! Who cares? The kids use them on the dolls! Life is too short to be afraid to try something new!

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