It Doesn’t Have To End_Thankful Thursday

MOMD (the man of my dreams) is on a quest. He has a thirst to learn. Ted Talks, Podcasts, audio books make up a good portion of his listening preferences these days.  He’s intrigued by brain stuff and leadership techniques. He’s made a decision to use the time wisely while in his work truck.  Sometimes he practices his singing.

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A dear friend chose to learn a foreign language a few years back.  He signed up for courses, practiced with friends and immersed himself in the process.

What are you learning?

Have you always wanted to learn to knit or read everything you can find written by Louisa May Alcott?

Did you play a musical instrument as a child, gave it up but have been thinking of trying your hand (pun intended) at it again? What’s stopping you?

Many years I took a few classes in Sign Language. My bucket list (if I had an actual bucket list) includes learning a little bit more of this beautiful language. Why? Because I want to. I don’t even need to leave the confines of my seemingly ordinary office! There are you.tubes and online resources available.

What does any of this have to do with Thankful Thursday? I’m thankful to see the excitement on my husband’s face as he comes across a concept he didn’t know before.

The fact that we have the capability to learn and grow well beyond the years we spend in school is a privilege.  The acquisition of knowledge doesn’t have to stop because we reach a certain age or economic level.

I’m interested to hear what you’re learning or want to know more about.

The learning doesn’t have to end!


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  1. Linda Grelles says:

    I love reading your blog. They are always amusing and insightful. What am I learning? I can in all honesty say that although I’m not really learning anything new from books, etc., I am learning to live at peace with myself.
    This is something I’ve been longing for my whole life. I am so thankful I have finally come to terms with myself.
    Thanks for asking.
    XO, Liinda

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