Coloring Time_Thankful Thursday

One of my dearest friends and I do something together that we may have done decades ago had we known each other as children. We get out our boxes of colored pencils, our adult coloring books and color for a few hours almost every week.

It’s a dandy time. We talk. We share a meal. We laugh. Sometimes there are tears.

The first time we colored together I was so proud to have even brought my electric pencil sharpener. After all, who among us likes to color with a dull point?

I came in her house, set down the pizza, coloring book, pencils and said, “Wait until you see what else I brought!”

She looked at the object in my hand and said, “What are we going to do with that?”

I was a little surprised. She is a first grade teacher and the object in my hand was easily identifiable.

We both laughed so hard as I explained that I thought I was bringing this:



but what I had in my hand was this:


Dont bring this!

And the text I got from her this week?


I’m thankful for friendship, coloring time and laughter.

Gratefulness matters!


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