A Bit More About Simplifying

green-circlesThe written and verbal comments I’ve received since posting about simplifying and scaling back have been so refreshing.

It seems like many want a less cluttered life. Often our days our busy because we are involved with people. People who need our help, our encouragement our time.

When I step back and make deliberate choices about the ways in which I use the time allotted it seems to bring contentment.  My time is not snatched from me but I choose the activities in which I want to be involved.

I complain less.

I’m more engaged.

What I have so enjoyed about the responses is that some have been willing to share not only what changes she has made but the reasons behind it.  One family was unable to put up decorations this year because they are recovering from orthopedic procedures. Others made the choice to do less so as to leave more time to be with family and friends. Still others just didn’t have the oomph to do what needed doing.

I like when I hear of people taking care of themselves and not feeling guilty about it. I think about this a lot because we as parents or women or Christians or nurses or teachers or whatever spend our time taking care of others. But sometimes we ourselves are the others that need to be cared for. It is encouraging when I hear someone say she/he made the decision to do something for herself/himself.

Thank you for reading. The fact that you make the time to stop by is very special to me. I am grateful.



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