A Different Twist

dandelion-flowers_f1-jrpf_How was your Christmas Eve and Christmas this year?

Ours was enjoyable, pared down and relatively laid back. I’ve done a lot of reflecting over the past few months and will be sharing some of those thoughts in the new year.

Have you made a list of resolutions for the upcoming year? I have not and don’t intend to. A list like that is just a guilt producer for me.

Today’s post is taking a totally different twist than originally planned. It is a bit on the serious side so be warned!

An acquaintance shared with me a very sad story relating to the death of a relative that occurred over the holidays. The person who passed away was young and vibrant. Family and friends who struggle to go on are left with more questions than answers.

Accidents Happen

The person’s death was the result of an accident. No malicious intent or forethought. An accident.  No blame need be assigned.

Life Changes In The Blink of An Eye

The woman who told me the story had been with the deceased less than an hour before he passed away. When she hugged him she had no idea it would be the last time.

Seemingly Ordinary People Touch Others

You don’t have to live a long time or a fancy life to make an impact.  The young man who died was apparently one of the most thoughtful people my acquiantence had ever met. He was an average guy who did regular stuff.

Please pray.

Family members are devastated and will never be the same. There is a huge void.

This situation has been churning in my brain since I’ve heard about it. The reminders for me (and maybe for you) include:

  • Spend time or be in contact with loved ones.
  • Moments are precious.
  • Be one who loves, forgives and cherishes others. Be liberal with praise and stingy with criticism.

Thank you for reading!




  1. Nancy says:

    Prayers for your friend. That’s all you can offer sometimes. Time is one of the most precious things we give people. I’m glad your friend was able to spend that with him for a while.

  2. Catherine Tellish says:

    Sending prayers. I try to make a conscious effort to
    always say “love you” or I make sure to hug whenever I see family and friends. I know it can be a bit awkward at times but I am always glad to have done it.Life is short and it is good to love.

    Love ya Cindi, Cath

    • Cindi says:

      Life is so short and pushing through the occasional awkward moments is so important. What if it’s the only hug that person has received that day or week, right? Love ya too, Cath.

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