A Fish Story_Thankful Thursday

Our pastor made and delivered dinner to our home last week.  Before he drove away I told him that we felt cared for and loved. How could you feel anything but loved when someone brings you a casserole dish (chicken rotel) loaded with cheese? We were also told that dinner was being brought by another family a few nights later.Fishy

I knew that they would probably bring us some type of fresh fish. They fish almost every day of their lives and, from my understanding, eat it almost every day as well. I grew up in the Midwest and remain a beef eater to this day. Fish has never been my forte’. As a matter of fact, prior to last week, I had eaten two fish dinners in my entire adult life.

Back to last week. Our friends were bringing dinner and I made a choice early in the day that I would eat, with gratefulness, whatever they brought with one exception_liver and onions. No way would I have subjected myself to that.  When Jeanie called to tell us what time she would be bringing us our FISH dinner I chuckled to myself.

A few hours later she arrived, laden with fish, cheese grits and a fresh homemade key lime pie. You just KNOW that the cheese grits and pie were on my mind but I decided to follow through on eating the main dish.

MOMD was a bit surprised to see me place a filet on my plate. Even more surprised when I finished it and went for piece number two. He loves mango snapper and was delighted to have a full plate filled with it in front of him. Between us we ate all but two of the pieces of fish. We agreed that we would save those two pieces (and a small portion of the cheese grits) for the next day.

Now here is where I admit to the selfishness that simmers just below the surface of my sorry soul.  I actually considered (I’m not lying here) heating up the fish while MOMD took a nap the next day and eating those remaining filets.

Shameless! Taking dinner right out from under a guy wearing a sling.

You may be relieved (or frankly not even care) that not only did we both have leftover fish for lunch BUT I gave him the larger piece. (One must always save room for dessert, after all). I’m grateful for the love shown to us in tangible ways and that is no fish story!

What are you thankful for today?


  1. Claire says:

    Wow, I knew you were not a fish eater, but , you can count on 1 hand how many you have eaten, in your adult life!!!

    Your story made me, think on (Matthew 14 :19) . The miracle of the five loaves of bread and two fish, in which he fed five thousand. I’m sure out of that multitude, there were many, whom did not care to eat fish , but ate what was given them. .
    My point, maybe a small miracle took place,
    New taste buds for fish, which I know you were truly grateful for. .. Sounded like a great meal. .
    I am so grateful that my sister and brother are being cared for. Luv u both 🙂

    • Jeannie says:

      those mango fish are mangrove snapper. Mango is a fruit that is exquisite but has a sap that to some is a itchy swell burnie type. seriously can be very dangerous to those allergic to the sap. but I’ve never know anyone allergic to mangrove snapper. Im glad you have become a fish lover.

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