A Key To Keep A-goin

Key With Success Word Shows WinningIn my last post I compared reaching toward a goal with going on a trip. I suggested that reaching a goal or arriving at a destination in my car requires that I:


know where I am going

have a basic idea of how to get there

find a way around the obstacles


Car trips can be solo events.  So can achieving goals.  Often, though, both are more fun if done with another person or two.  Working together when setting and accomplishing a shared goal often makes the process more pleasant.

Here are a few reasons I like having a buddy or buddies along for the process.



Making myself accountable to someone else often helps me to stay on track.  I am responsible for my own actions and choices as I work toward a specific goal but a mentor/accountability partner can be in place to offer guidance.



Achieving a specific goal often takes longer than initially planned. Weight loss, for example, plateaus and I might will be tempted to give up on sticking to the plan.  If someone I know is working toward a similar goal we are able to encourage one another, to keep going and remind each other of how far we’ve come.

When I know someone is cheering me on I work harder.

For example, the Thinking About Thirty challenge.  It may seem silly but it helped me to know that I had put it out there and some of you decided to join in!  I have even heard that some of you are continuing to wade through the clutter.  So am I.


Different perspective

Two people may have a similar goal but very different opinions on how to reach it. The approach varies and we learn from one another.  As in so many areas in life there just might be someone out there who knows how to do things better or differently than me.


Shared Resources

Perhaps my goal partner has a fitness center in her complex and I am able to accompany her for a small fee as opposed to joining a gym.  Maybe there is an extra bike laying around your garage and the two of us can plan to go on a weekly ride.


It Is A Great Way To Get To Know Another Person

One of my dearest pals did a 3 day walk to collect money for breast cancer research.  He trained for a very long time in order to be able to complete the walk. He trained regularly with a neighbor. It was mutually beneficial for both men. They formed a friendship as a result of spending hours together walking.

Whenever we have time with Ron and his lovely wife, MOMD and him walk together for hours. The miles (and conversations) that they’ve shared have solidified an already precious friendship.

I have no doubt that many people accomplish goals without a friend or partner.  It can be done.  It has been my experience, though, that having someone along for the journey is one way to keep a-goin.


Do you agree?

What specific goal are you trying to achieve?

Are you working on it alone or do you have a buddy?




  1. Claire says:

    I so agree with the buddy system , in so many things. Biking, walking, working out at the gym, for example is great, helps to keep your mind off the hard work, & much more fun. Of course it surely is good support, & encouragement.

    So buddy, we need to get to it !!! 🙂
    Sure do enjoy our bike rides

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