A Tale of Two Purses

Two Purses

The Two Purses

These bags somewhat represent the diversity of two young women who have been friends since early elementary school.

Last night these two ladies were together. I pointed out how fun it is that they are so different in many ways and yet such dear friends.

One only wears black and white clothing or very muted tones.

The other often is sporting vivid hues-except when she’s at work and has to wear, you guessed it, black and white!

Seeing how each was dressed last night was what sparked the conversation and some spontaneous photos. Each were dressed in their “typical” color choices. For fun, I asked them to switch bags for a picture. They loved the photos of themselves holding the “wrong” bag.

Both are in college but on entirely different career paths. One eats quite healthy. The other? Well, let’s just say she is vastly improving in food choices.

Both have fabulous but different senses of humor.

However, when they are in the same room there is always much talking and laughter. Last night it was youtubes of Englebert Humperdinck and Tom Jones that had them laughing uproariously.

We also discussed, on a small scale, how being with others not exactly like us gives us a glimpse of a perspective we may not have considered. We certainly can learn from one another.

As we talked about the fact that we can be so different and yet enjoy one another’s company I thought about how great it is to walk this planet with so many people that are not just like me. 

Do you have people in your life that are way different from you?

Why have you chosen to be friends?


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