A Twenty One Year Old Gift

Some people don’t like surprises. They like the world to operate in a certain order. Nothing unexpected, nor unplanned.

I’m not like that. I like the random unanticipated visit or event. Something that changes the day, maybe even the week.

As you know, gifts come in all shapes, sizes, colors and value. The gifts I enjoy the most are the ones where I know thought has gone into what I would like, something that would be my preference.

Sometimes gifts are special because they are so valuable or costly you wouldn’t think of getting it for yourself. It isn’t something you would have even thought to ask for. But you receive it and you are so very grateful that another realized it was just what you needed.

Our little part of the planet received a gift twenty one years ago. This present only weighed about ten pounds but we figured it might get bigger, and more independent as time went on. How right we were.

This gift of which I speak is our youngest daughter, she of the sleeve.

I was 39 when I gave birth to her. When I first found out I was expecting the unexpected it was a bit of a surprise. I was taking piano lessons at the time and my teacher was a wise and gifted older woman. One day I arrived at my lesson and she noticed I was a little down in the dumps.

Before I even realized what was happening tears were streaming down my hormone filled face as I explained that I was pregnant. She hugged me and told me she had faced a similar situation. She looked me right in the eye and said, “It seems difficult now, but someday (probably sooner rather than later) you will wonder how you ever managed without this child.”

How incredibly correct! This beautiful tiny little (okay not so little) baby was born and stole our hearts. About 20 people showed up at the hospital the day she was born. They came in shifts to celebrate with us.

My dad was in the same hospital at the time and was very very ill. But the nurses got him in a wheelchair and mom wheeled him down to our room. The looks on their faces as they greeted their newest grandchild confirmed what I already knew.  This baby was JUST what our family needed at the EXACT time we needed her.

MOMD sent her a long text this morning and has given me permission to share part of what he said. “…  You have been such a joy, (as your middle name implies) to us these 21 years. You’re such a blessing to us…I’m glad when I hear any door open and you emerge. I love to hear your voice when you sing, or when you’re laughing hysterically over some silly program.”

And so, beautiful one, Happy Birthday! We’re so glad God put you in our family! He knew we needed you.



  1. Jill says:

    Beautifully-written celebration!
    Happy Birthday!!!
    (I have a feeling that baby Ellis is going to be that same blessing in our family!)

  2. Nancy says:

    What a great story to share! How would we all live without our youngest sweethearts! I remember thinking this year both kids will be in school! Then, I had the twins! I guess as they say, you make plans, God laughs! Lol!

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