A Visit, Despite the Brevity_Thankful Thursday


The hooligans, for the most part, live within 10 miles of MOMD and myself. Except that one. The hooligan that lives far, far away. When she moved far away six years ago part of my heart felt like it cracked off and went with her. I am so grateful for phones, letters, email and any other form of communication by which I am able to communicate with this precious woman.

You must know, however, that NOTHING rivals being able to see my girl, to hug her and just be in the same room with her.

There was a brief visit with us this past weekend. She was with us for the weekend and then off to another city to stand up in a wedding.

Yes, the time was short but also sweet.

There was the bike ride through the nature preserve near our home. Other hooligans joined us on our rain soaked ride. I loved every minute, hearing the laughter, the good natured ribbing between siblings.

Perhaps we should have known by the dark skies that our bike ride would include rain. We knew, but went anyway.

Perhaps we should have known by the dark skies that our bike ride would include rain. We knew, but went anyway.

Later in the afternoon we celebrated Thanksgiving, albeit a month early, as the distant hooligan will not be able to join us.  It was a dinner replete with all the trimmings-right down to homemade pumpkin pie.  Again there was laughter, loud talking, teasing, reminiscing about when they were kids.

I wanted the day to last longer. I didn’t want her visit to be over so soon.

Before she even got here I started thinking about how quickly the time would pass.  I reminded myself that I would miss the joy of having her home if I spent the weekend thinking about when she would be leaving.

What I realize is that ultimately our time together is always going to be less than I would have wanted but I am not willing to spoil what we do have by wishing things were different. Instead I will treasure the new memories made.

One other upside about her being here…I was able to encourage  (coerce) her to help in my ongoing battle against clutter by taking a large amount of her photos and other memorabilia that somehow got left behind when she made the move to the other coast of the US of A.  Now she will will have the joy of shuffling it from place to place. <Insert devious laugh>

What’s tickling your Thankful Thursday fancy today?


  1. Karen Boyes says:

    Cindi, I love this story, and your love for your girl. I love that you made the most of your time together with no if onlys. Blessings to you, my friend.

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