Absence _Thankful Thursday

Tell me if you have experienced something similar to this.

At some point in your past there was a medical condition, an unhealthy relationship, loneliness or something that brought pain in your life. The suffering seemed almost unbearable and unrelenting and all consuming.

And then it changed. Probably not quickly. The change itself may even have caused anguish.

Eventually, though the pain was no more.  And because the pain was gone you ALMOST forgot how it felt. Maybe you even forget to be thankful for not suffering like that anymore. Then something or someone triggers a memory and you realize how good it feels to be free of the affliction.

This Thankful Thursday I am thankful for just that.

When I was younger I spent a good portion of my summer vacation at the local swim club. A whole lot of swimming (and checking out the lifeguards) made for a wonderful summer.

The time in the water, however, left me with a lot of earaches.  While in the midst of of the pain I could think of little else.

If you have had even one in your lifetime you may agree with me that one is one too many!

As I was swimming with some friends earlier this week I realized it has been decades since I have had swimmer’s ear (that’s what they use to call it). Now I use dorky little earplugs when I swim. They are not too fashionable but I do not care. What matters to me is that I am pain free. Having little orange blobs of rubber stuck in my ears are a small price to pay for comfort.

It may seem like a small thing for which to be grateful but this Thursday I am thankful for the absence of pain. Absence, in this case, does NOT make the heart grow fonder.


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