As I type this from my cozy, cool (yep, still have electricity!) office I want to thank those who are out in the thick of it right now! The families of them as well. Our state has had some crazy weather and it is dark, windy and rainy as I type. I believe Hermine is no longer a hurricane but still dangerous indeed!

There are police officers, firefighters, nurses, doctors, utility workers, shelter workers that are in harm’s way. Many are outside clearing roads, helping stranded motorists, driving an ambulance and they are not safe.

Let’s be kind to them. Offer a word of thanks and possibly buy him/her a cup of coffee if you see him/her come out of the elements for a well-deserved break at a local convenience store.



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  1. Claire says:

    Oh yes indeed. …. A simple kindness can mean a lot. ..
    May God’s Blessings go with all, that put themselves out there, to make a difference.

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