Most of us can use a little bit of help from time to time. That is why I told you how thankful I am for places like these.

The point is to go in looking one way and come out, if not perfect, at least vastly improved. The hair color may be different and the style changed or as one cousin recently posted, “Buffed and Puffed”. But we are fooling ourselves if we think we enter the salon looking 50 or 60 and exit with 30 years shaved off.

Ain’t gonna happen.

A friend just texted me that she and her husband saw a commercial in which a particular piece of underclothing is deemed to be age-defying. She gave her opinion as to the validity of the claim (it had to do with bovines and manure) and asked what I thought.

My reply: it is only age-defying if the person looking left his glasses on the table.

If the commercial made a claim that it might improve the overall placement of parts of the anatomy, well, that would be a different story. More accurate.

This whole thing has me thinking.

First, it is my guess that by age-defying the marketers want us to believe we will look younger, although that is not stated. I’m fairly certain that a 40 year old woman would not purchase this item to look, say, 80 but then I might be wrong in this day and age.

Second, there are women who will order this “age-defying” paraphernalia, rip open the package with anticipation only to realize she either can’t figure out how to put it on or need reading glasses in order to peruse the directions.

Worse yet will come the despair as she looks in the mirror only to discover things look just about the same.

Third, if the goal is look noticeably younger, how much younger are we talking?

6 months?

4 years?

2 decades?

It would be somewhat disappointing to have someone say, “Well, I know you are 60 but with that age-defying lingerie you’re sporting you don’t look a day over 59. It is marvelous!”

That would be utter bovine manure. (Please notice I did not write udder).

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