Another Reason To Share

I’ve been on a bit of an organizing/consolidating kick with my photos. A while back I wrote about the conundrum of what to do with pictures I’ve inherited or collected. My friend Jill told me that she uses old photos to make cards. It seemed like such a good suggestion that I have started doing just that. Jill is the artistic type and so I’m sure her cards look like the professional cards that stores now sell.

Regardless, I have sorted through some of the boxes of pictures and started sending them to family and friends. I haven’t changed residences all that many times considering the many, many years my feet have trod this good old Terra Firma.  And when I’ve moved I’ve hauled my junk along with me. Some of the people to whom I am send these pictures have moved multiple times and have experienced major life changes. What I am thinking about as I send a stack of pictures to someone is that he or she may never have even seen these pictures or that they no longer possessed them after multiple moves.

For instance, I found a bunch of pictures of my cousin when he was just an adorable little blond haired toddler. Seeing the pictures brought to mind how much our grandparents loved him. I sent him a short note and told him that when I sent the photos. Looking through the pictures has reminded me of so many things that I can share with others. The event floods my mind and it gives me words to write a short note that I can enclose with the photo.

I’m the oldest grandchild on both sides of my family so I might remember things the others kids.  The equally great and sad news is that there aren’t many people in the family older than myself that can challenge those memories (in the unlikely event that I have somehow fabricated a story that seems to match the picture).



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