Approachable, Available, Authentic

Am I approachable, available and authentic?

I’m thinking about these qualities because I desire the best possible relationships I can have and I believe these are stepping stones to good communication.

I realize that the people with whom I am most likely to share my joys and sorrows are similar in the following 3 traits and so I am asking myself if I live them out myself.


I want to have conversations with people who want to have conversations with me. Some individuals have a way of showing they are interested simply by the way they listen.  They are engaged.  There is eye contact and there is interaction.

Do I do extend those courtesies to individuals?


It is unlikely we are going to have any type of meaningful conversation if neither of us can set aside our smart phones for the duration of our talk. Nothing screams not interested like texting or talking to someone else at the same time. Yes, there are extreme cases when the other person is waiting for an emergency update on someone and has made that clear at the onset of our conversation.

How do I do about putting my phone away when I’m with another person?

Not always great, that’s for sure.  Room for improvement.  Ouch.


We have not all been through the same circumstances.  I have not experienced your pain or your victory BUT I can be honest about my struggles.  This, from my understanding, is just one of the strengths of recovery programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Celebrate Recovery.  Authenticity is encouraged.  People don’t sugar coat their stuff. When I am authentic about the things I’ve encountered in life it may encourage you to be authentic about the things you’ve encountered in yours.

Of course there are so many other characteristics that enhance relationships.  Trust, reliability and generosity spring to mind.  Being approachable, available and authentic are good starting points though, don’t you agree?

How are you doing on the AAA points made here?  You are more than welcome to leave a comment below or you can Email Me
Thank you for reading!

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