Away Too Long

When it takes one over thirty minutes to locate one’s exercise clothing perhaps one has been away from zumba just a few weeks too many.

Exercise Definition Magnifier Shows Fitness Activity And Working Out

Exercise Definition Magnifier Shows Fitness Activity And Working Out

The past few weeks have flown by and there just hasn’t seemed to be time to exercise.

The holidays, life, work, commitments, relationships all take work which require time. It is easy to lose sight of the importance of doing things which are good for me. It feels selfish, somehow, to stop all activities that are geared around someone or something else and do something just for me.

I am much better about this now but I wonder about some of the younger women that I know.

Frazzled, giving time and energy to family, friends, church, work, neighbors, some of them don’t do much to take care of themselves. Even worse for the single moms (or dads) that are the unsung heros…

I am a blessed woman indeed, to have a faithful kind husband (MOMD-Man Of My Dreams) who encourages me to take care of myself.

I’m grateful that eventually I found something that was presentable to exercise in and pushed myself to go to zumba. The bright shiny (and eventually sweaty) faces of my zumba girls was an added blessing.

Care to weigh in? (No pun intended)

Do you make time to take care of yourself? Why or why not?


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