Bike Rider Lessons

Why was the guy on the dumpster? Why was the woman taking his picture?

Two questions for which I will never have an answer.  It’s okay that I won’t know but days later I still wonder.  Being the curious sort that I am I thought about stopping to ask but realized it wasn’t my business.  As I rode through the park the first time I saw them and didn’t pay too much attention.  I rode past again and again and that is when I noticed that it apparently was some type of photo op.

I think of this with regards to blogging.  From what I’ve seen there are blogs about almost everything imaginable.  I don’t need to read them all nor question the authors as to why they are so fascinated with their subject matter.  I am perfectly content to ride on and write on, but still I wonder…

The same day I saw the Dumpster Photo Shoot I rode past the same two elderly ladies multiple times.  They walked slowly and stopped and sat for a few minutes at every bench along the way.  Their conversation seemed to be intense. I compare these two walkers to blogs that move along steadily and authentically.  The subject matter can be emotional but both reader and writer are engaged and it a mutually beneficial situation as they learn from each other.

On my ride I came across something that made me sad.  There is a little skateboard park within the larger park. It was an early out day for our school district that day so there were a few kids hanging around. They seemed to be having fun but one of the kids had a cigarette dangling from his mouth.  He looked to be a middle schooler.

I wanted to stop and tell him that I know a lot of smokers and former smokers and I have NEVER met one that was glad they started smoking. I wanted to tell him that smoking does not make you cool. It robs you of beautiful wonderful breath.

It reminded me that there are blogs and writings that I won’t read because their sole purpose seems to suck the beauty from life. I am not talking about those that address the reality of sad situations or addictions.  I am referring to those that are on a constant rant about all that is wrong in the world. I will now hop off my soapbox and get back to the business of writing.

I laughed at myself as I finished my ride through the park because I did something really dumb for absolutely no good reason. I raced against a car. I was on the sidewalk and for whatever reason tried to keep up with the car next to me. Hopefully, the driver of the vehicle was quite unaware of our mini uncompetition. Comparison is like that for bloggers or painters or guitarists. The person with whom we are “racing” doesn’t have a clue that it is even happening.  He or she is just driving through the park, so to speak, trying to get little Billy to soccer practice, figure out what’s for dinner and is not aware of the kooky woman trying to beat her to the stop sign.

My job as a blogger (or whatever) is to use my skill and talent to the best of MY ability. I can do this by keeping staying focused, working hard but mostly just enjoying the ride.

Are you enjoying your ride these days? What are you learning about or what talent are you developing?

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