Bionic MOMD_Thankful Thursday

Walker 3000I have added yet another adjective to describe my husband. He is no longer just MOMD (Man of My Dreams) but is now the Bionic Man of My Dreams.

Friday last he underwent a total hip replacement (outpatient, no less!) and his recovery is nothing short of remarkable. Approximately an hour and a half after the procedure the nurse had him up and walking. He’s gone to Physical Therapy twice, had visitors, walked around the house, watched movies, played guitar, made us popcorn and sampled some of the delicious food we have been provided from dear and caring friends.

He is an amazing man, a compliant patient.

Again, we find ourselves the recipients of meals, visits and offers of help.

I have much more to write of this journey, but not today.  One thing I continue to learn as we navigate the aging process is that I must take care of myself, if I am to take care of others.

Prayers are still appreciated and gratefully accepted on our behalf. As I have mentioned repeatedly I am not a fan of doing this medical stuff!



  1. Claire says:

    What a guy, what a guy!!!!!!
    I am quite amazed how, one can walk in to have total hip replacement, and walk out the same day….
    Praising God for watching over his surgery🙌,
    May he feel God’s Healing touch ❤

  2. Ruth Ann says:

    So amazing how far advanced we are with joint replacements! Happy to hear how well he is doing, and praying he gets stronger and more flexible everyday! You are both on my mind and in my heart!

    • Cindi says:

      Hey sis. He is doing fabulously! It’s been 5 weeks and his mobility is incredible. Just in time for a winter visit from up north family. Hint. Hint. Love you.

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