Birthdays_Thankful Thursday

Tomorrow is my the beginning of my 7th decade on earth. I don’t mind telling you my age because I am grateful to have had so many birthdays.

I’ve been reflecting on all of this for quite some time.

There’s a lot of stuff about getting older that isn’t all that great. I’m not going to tell you because if you’re old you already know.  If you’re young, well, you’ll find out soon enough. And believe me it happens seemingly overnight.

What I will tell you are the reasons I am celebrating.

Life is short.

Why is that a reason to be happy? Because the older I get the less seriously I take myself.


This is me on a recent Snook expedition.

I laid down on this pier to see the large fish swimming underneath.  I was with my friend and she noticed the fish. She squatted on her haunches and looked into the water. Juli is a nurse that has to fiddle with machines. She can squat for a long time without the fear of being stuck in that position.

How inglorious would it have been for me (and those around me) if I had attempted to squat and look into the water, only to find that my body had become stuck like that? I wanted to see that school of fish so I took the safe route. Laid right down on that bird poop filled pier. In public. And told her to snap a picture and send it to the hooligans.  And that she did.

I’ve included a photo of the fish so you don’t think this is just another fish story.

photo (15)


I’ve collected another year full of memories.

There have been some joyous times this past year. Laughter filled. Sweet precious moments.

Other things have happened that have been sad or disappointing but I’ve taken away something of value from each.

There have been those blink of an eye times when I’ve said to myself, “It doesn’t get much better than this”.

Writing this blog has changed me.

Learning new things, looking for the good and sitting and thinking have helped me to pinpoint my focus.

New words have been added to my vocabulary.

Discipline is a good thing.  Rarely fun but good.

Courage and sacrifice and bravery have been lived out before me.

I’ve seen wedding vows honored in selfless acts.

A family member completed a rigorous and dangerous military training.

People are more important than things.

As my age increases my awareness of that statement does as well.

My family and long time friends mean more than I can put into words.

I’ve made new friends this year as well and enjoy getting to know them.

Time with people is time well spent.

This year…



Care to share things you like about getting older?  Go ahead and leave a comment in the section below.




  1. Cathy says:

    The Happiest of Birthdays to you Cindi, beautiful post. However, getting older means getting crowns on the teeth. In honor of your birthday, I am getting one today…grr.

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