Blogging And Bicycling

i-heart-my-bike-a-hand-drawn-bicycle-and-birds_fJGeadOOBlogging and bicycling through the park have a lot in common (besides starting with the same letter).

At first glance it may not seem that they are all that similar.

I enjoy both but they are FURK.  I thought I made this word up as I was peddling through the park.

Apparently I did not invent the word but on this blog I am defining furk as Fun Work. As I was thinking of combining the words my first attempt was FORK. Well, that certainly wouldn’t do. Other options sounded somewhat nasty so I am sticking with furk. Back to blogging and biking being furk.

They both require effort but can be done in alternate locations. Even though I live in a relatively flat terrain I still have to pedal or I will fall over like Artie Johnson on Laugh-In a million years ago.  Sometimes you have to get a little momentum going to make it up the hill.

Blogging is like that. It takes discipline and momentum because there are hills.  The process is fun.  Doing research, thinking about stories to share.  Sometimes the writing is fun too.

Practice helps as conditions change. Steering around obstacles (such as squirrels in the case of bike riding) requires concentration and awareness.  The same holds true for blogging though.

There are obstacles and distractions. Trying to do fancy stuff when all it does is take one away from the activity is a poor idea.

With regards to blogging an example of this occurred over the last few days.  I have been thinking of ways I might improve this blog.  Ideas that might make it more fun for you, my readers.  But the web-designing hooligans encouraged me to leave some of those things for the future.  “Just write,” were their words, so write I will.

Doing fancy stuff may be fine for BMX bikers but not a good idea for a woman of a certain age.  You won’t find me twisting my handlebars, riding backwards or popping a wheelie.  If you do please call 911 quickly as I am in desperate need of assistance.  Desperate.

Don’t think riding along in a calm fashion is boring.  There are crazy moments. Occasionally I live it up and go fast.  I have been known to sip from my water bottle WHILE RIDING.  Wildness exemplified.

There are even more similarities between biking through the park and blogging which I will be sharing in the near future.

I realize that most of my readers don’t have a blog (yet) but bicycling could be compared to a lot of things in life. Any endeavor requires practice, momentum and most can be work and fun.  And often simplicity is best.

Would you agree?

Thank you for reading.  Please leave a comment below and feel free (as a matter of fact be daring!) and share this blog on your favorite social media if you like!


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