Blogging Blips and Conflict Resolution

Blog Media Showing Weblog WebsiteI am wrapping up my 3rd month of blogging and guess what?  There have been some blips along the way.  As a matter of fact I am currently in the middle of a blip.  Maybe more experienced bloggers wouldn’t admit to blips.  Perhaps they don’t have them. Maybe they get them resolved before they become blips.

I’m thinking blogging blips are a bit like life blips.  Some are self-induced, are a result of lack of knowledge, growing pains or just plain mistakes. Some issues are a direct result of conflict.

I have made some mistakes since I began blogging.  There were things I didn’t know to do but then someone with a whole lot more knowledge and experience assisted and I got back on track. Because I knew I needed help I’ve been teachable and found smart people willing to help.

The problems caused by conflict are a bit more tricky to resolve because the challenges are harder to isolate and deal with.  The conflicts to which I’m referring are plugins.

A very simple definition for a plugin is an extension or add-on to software that adds features to the functionality that already exists in WordPress. In my words they do things for my blog that make it work better or look nicer or other good things.

Until there is a conflict, that is.

And then they mess things up in a royal way.

As far as I know, the web developers that create these plugins do not invent them to wreak havoc on WordPress blogs.   Like anything in life, it is my understanding that some plugins work better than others. According to information I just found there are currently 33,583 PLUGINS. That’s a lot of potential for disaster, if you ask me.

Many of the plugins are great and work perfectly until another great plugin is installed and there is a conflict causing neither plugin to work properly-or worse yet cause the blog to stop working altogether. How does this apply to life, you ask?

You wanted to ask, right?

Sometimes people have conflict because they are just doing what they do in the way they do it. They do things differently or they do different things and conflict arises.  The two worlds collide and something needs to go so the conflict can be resolved.

Disagree Or Agree Directions On A Signpost

With regards to the plugin conflict I have to check a box and deactivate one of the plugins causing a conflict.  In the process I may be giving up some fancy feature or may have to find another plugin that plays nice in my blog sandbox.  Sometimes though, as in the case of my plugin conflict, it has taken some thought and sharp investigating skills to discover the problem. The fix may be somewhat simple but we had to locate the issue first.

Kind of like life, wouldn’t you agree?  On occasion you have to think about a situation and consider options to improve it.  It may require bringing in someone with more knowledge to help.

I’m not giving up on blogging because of the blips.

They will eventually get resolved.  In the scheme of life my blogging blips are nothing.  They are not fatal, but rather mere character building inconveniences.

I would like to make you aware of one of the blips caused by my plugin conflicts.  If you are one of the wonderful people that have subscribed to receive notification of my posts by email you may have noticed that you haven’t received one in almost a week.  I was not aware that this was happening (or actually NOT happening) until a friend asked about it.  This confirms one of my favorite sayings. You don’t know what you don’t know.

You many need to sign up again if we aren’t able to recover your email information from before. You can find the posts you missed by clicking on the calendar on the right or looking through the archived posts.  Thank you so much for your patience and kind words.

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  1. Nancy says:

    Thank you for saying that! I was only getting your blog once a week if that! I have re signed up and re followed you on your blog, and here you are! Hop it keeps up! Yea!!

    • Cindi says:

      Kathy, thank you so much! Since you received it I believe you are good to go. Hopefully this will be fixed in the next day or two. I appreciate you reading so faithfully!

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