Shapes and Sizes_Thankful Thursday

Look around and you will see a vast array of shapes and sizes.

Tall, short, thin, thick, round. I must digress here. I once heard a man say that his wife would sometimes gently nudge him toward getting in shape to which he apparently replied, “Round is a shape”.

I know within my family there is quite a variety of height and girth, taking into account those of us who have a penchant for sweets.

Back to my point. I am not just speaking of people when I bring up the diversity of shape and size. Consider, for a moment, a mouse and an elephant. Each are just the right dimensions for his or her species. Each has eyes, ears and the skeletal structure to support the body with with he or she has been endowed but even within the family there is a range of sizes and shapes.

I’m coming to realize how amazing it is that there are so many shapes and sizes of so many different things. What if every single thing in this world was exactly the same dimension? Wouldn’t it be weird if elephants and mice were the same? As I’ve mentioned in the past  I enjoy watching nature shows because of learning about the habits and peculiarities of the featured animals and places but I’ve never really thought about how even the sizes and shapes play into the creative design.

Colors? Yes.

Migration patterns? Definitely.

But I don’t ever remember thinking how great it is that there are so many sizes and shapes in the world.

What strange and/or random thing are you grateful for today?




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