Box of Boxes

Every single day of my life I come face to face with my baser self.

One recent day stands out in my mind.

MOMD and I recently spent some time at a local outlet mall-looking to spend our gift cards that have been burning holes in our wallets since Christmas.

One of us had a Guitar Center gift card. MOMD’s wife reminded him to make sure the gift card was in his wallet before going. MOMD’s wife, however, forgot to put her Home Goods gift card in her wallet so hers is still available for redemption at a later date. Details! Details!

Box of Boxes

odorous office receptacles

There I was in Home Goods (while still under the mistaken impression that the gift card was in my wallet) and came across an adorable box of boxes. Each one was nestled inside another one. I was reminded of all the junk in my office that could be easily hidden inside this box of boxes. Inspired, I removed each box and stacked them in the formation seen in the photo to confirm that my stack of boxes could also be used as a table. As I stepped back to get a better look I felt a presence hovering behind me. To be clear: this was a small p presence as in a fellow shopper. Not an upper case P, as in the Almighty(although He witnessed the episode as well).

She (small p presence) spoke.

“Those are cute,” she offered. This was not new news. This is why I was, after all, standing back to admire them.

“Yes, they are,” I agreed.

Lingering still she then went on to offer the opinion that a person wouldn’t need to purchase ALL of them. The set could, as it were, be split up. Both of us were aware of the fact that they were priced separately. I believe she even made reference to that. She wanted at least a few of them.

That clinched it for me.

I kindly offered to separate the box of boxes and even offered to let her choose the ones she would like.

The security cameras would reflect an entirely different scenario. The footage would probably show one seemingly ordinary woman putting the boxes back the way she found them and then firmly placing the box of boxes inside her cart and beating a hasty retreat. The seemingly ordinary woman wasn’t exactly convinced she loved the box of boxes but, by golly, she had located them first.

The seemingly ordinary woman needed to use the restroom after that but just knew that hovering shopper would probably snatch the box of boxes out of the cart the minute the seemingly ordinary woman left her cart unattended.

Of course in no way, shape or form had hovering shopper indicated she would do any such thing.

Not even when the seemingly ordinary woman discovered she did not have her gift card did she offer the box of boxes to the other person.

Once I got them home and put them in my office I called MOMD into my office to inspect my purchase. I explained how that other shopper was just waiting to buy at least a few of them.

It was at that point I realized a few things.

  • They co-ordinate but do not all contain the same pattern. Truth be told, I like when stuff matches…
  • They have a bit of a weird smell which was something I knew before I put them in the basket.
  • They reminded me of other times when I have purchased something that I wasn’t in love with because someone else was interested in the object-therefore increasing the value in my deceived mind.

They work nicely in my office and I have already started tucking stuff in them but that is not the point.  I’ve even placed some of the candles I’ve hoarded in a few of the boxes to help get rid of the unusual odor.

The stack of odorous office receptacles, stacked 5 feet from my desk, will hopefully serve to remind me that purchasing objects as a result of the “thrill of the hunt” may not be the wisest choice.

On a positive note, I am still in possession of a Home Goods gift card so I’m sure I’ll do much better on my next shopping excursion.



  1. John says:

    Reminds me of some eBay purchases driven by the “thrill of the snipe”! Wow, I won that sucker in the last three seconds… now I gotta buy it…

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