Calendar As A Verb

Words Written In Plastic Kids LettersCalendar as a verb. I had not heard that before and it startled me. I read it recently on a website and went back and reread the sentence to confirm I saw it right the first time.  Perhaps people have been calendaring for a long time and I have just been out of the loop.

Are you as fascinated with words as I seem to be these days?

I am listening to a book. This is a different experience. My ordinary preference, with regards to reading, is to have a book in hand.

I am finding some advantages to listening to a book.

For example, I am able to cross stitch while listening. Cross stitching and holding a book are mutually exclusive.

My speaking vocabulary is expanding. It is my hope that the guy reading the book is pronouncing the words correctly.  As I’ve listened I thought to to myself, so THAT is how you pronounce those words.  For example, the word radicchio.  I’ve seen it on menus, in grocery stores and on food blogs.  But I have never heard it pronounced.

I hope I can remember the next time I want to ask my local produce person if their radicchio is fresh.

When I am holding an actual book in my hand I sometimes come across a word that I have only seen in print.  If I do not know how to pronounce I usually make it up in my head rather than looking it up. (Lazy, I know). This often does not work if you then try and use the word in polite society.  Of course, others in polite society must not use it either or I would have heard it and know how to pronounce it.

As usual over thinking things inevitably leads to more questions.

Questions such as how the reader knew how to pronounce radicchio.  Maybe he heard it or maybe he looked it up OR most likely he decided how he would like to pronounce it and figured no one else knew so what difference did it make.

My second question two pronged question? When and how did calendaring became a verb?

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