Calling ALL Educators_Thankful Thursday

I had the privilege of helping a friend get her public school classroom ready for a new adventurous year. Perhaps you know by know that I love the alphabet and books and learning in general. Schools can be great places. My time was spent organizing books and other stuff and it was FUN!

Let’s face it, however. They wouldn’t be all that great without the educators that fill them. They would just be buildings suited to confine many, many people.

Yesterday, as I met a number of my friend’s teaching team I was reminded that most educators love to educate and long to impart enthusiasm for learning. The teachers I met yesterday were rearranging rooms and supplies, putting up creative bulletin boards and doing what they could to ensure a safe and pleasant environment for their little first graders.

As I helped organize supplies in my friend’s closet it became apparent that probably 90 % of the items in there were purchased with her own money on her own time. Why? Because she loves to teach and will do what needs to be done to make her classroom a welcoming place.

Reflecting upon this further reminded me that there are many types of educators. Take a minute, if you will, to think about people who have taught you.

My list is in no way inclusive of all the people that have taught me.

Many were paid (as in my public school educators), my college professors and the two piano teachers who suffered through my lack of practicing. Trust me, none of these people were paid much. Not for the time and effort involved in the excellence of instruction I received.

Then there were the volunteer teachers and instructors. Sunday school teachers, choir directors (when I was a child they would let anyone participate), zumba instructors. I once was a student in a sign language class taught by a volunteer.

There are others who touch lives by teaching.

Homeschooling parents, volunteer tutors for English as a second language at the public library, Little League coaches, Scout leaders.

And so this is why my Thankful Thursday post today is dedicated to educators of all types, in all circumstances. To those of you that do your best to provide a solid foundation of learning for students of all ages, I say thank you! Your effort is not in vain. It is noticed and appreciated.

Thank you for reading! I do promise you will be seeing “the picture” from this post very soon. I have some photoshopping of my own to do.



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