A New Crop_Thankful Thursday

Three groups of children were playing outside as I rode my bike home from zumba. How refreshing to see kids bouncing balls, laughing and running around.

Chalk drawings on the sidewalk.


A neighbor and his toddler sat in the back of his pick up truck watching a tree being trimmed. Free entertainment.

An errant ball in our grass.

When the hooligans were young there were a lot of kids on our street.  Playing, digging, arguing about some silly thing. Barely any time passed before they were together again_the tug of missing out on fun stronger than that of having his own way. Our kids grew up (as did the neighbor kids) and moved out. The street was quiet for years.

But now? Families with young kids have moved in. People that spend time out of doors.

Grateful for a new crop of mischief makers to keep things lively.

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