Cold Air_Thankful Thursday


I am not a fan of heat and humidity.

This week it has been pretty doggone hot outside. Not at all comfortable.

It seems a bit silly to live where I do considering that it is so hot here for so long. However, there are always pools and beach breezes and air conditioning.

It’s been a little toasty in the house despite the fact that we have a new AC unit.

We have had our house shut up like a fortress. Shades drawn against the sun.

And yet it just didn’t seem like things were staying cool.

Fortunately, the technician that just left our house got everything working properly and I am a happy woman. He thoroughly explained what he did, the part he replaced and the adjustments he made to our unit.

All I know is that as the cold air blew in my crabby feeling blew out.

It got me thinking how I love my creature comforts. Food in the fridge, a car to drive, clean water, cold air on a hot summer day. None of those things are bad. As a matter of fact all of them make life quite pleasant.

I did a little gratefulness check to make sure that I’m not taking any of them for granted.

What, in particular, are you thankful for today?













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