Color_Thankful Thursday

When one of the hooligans was young she made an interesting comment. She told me that my life as a child must have been so boring.

I asked her to explain and her answer was not what I expected.

My life was boring, according to her, because it was black and white. I had no idea what she was talking about until I realized that the photos she had seen of me as a young child were all in black and white. I explained to her that my childhood was not black and white but that photography from that time made it seem like that.

For Thankful Thursday I would like to say I’m grateful for color. I love vibrant colors found in nature-roses, fish, pumpkins. Muted hues are beautiful as well-little pink baby lips or lemons for example.

Some of my friends are artists and it astonishes me how they are able to blend blobs of paint on a canvas to create a lovely design. I don’t think I would enjoy it if every painting was black dots on a white canvas.

How grateful I am not to live in a black and white world!

As you can tell by the photo below a black and white world dulls the senses.

Bored by a black and white world

Bored by a black and white world

Do you love color?



  1. Cathy says:

    I actually love the picture Cindi…must have been celebrating your birthday, or maybe coming down the street to mine. We sure did get “dooded” up for parties didn’t we?

  2. Bonnie Bradley says:

    I do love color and my mom loved every color and she always said look at the flowers God put every color together so there’s no limit

  3. Pat says:

    Funny you bring up this subject. I totally llove using color in my clothes and choice of furnishings, but when I did artsy things, I was happiest doing this pallet!
    Black and white and the shades in between!

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