Conversating_Thankful Thursday

TalkingTalk. Listen. Talk. Listen. Listen some more.

Recently a friend called because she wanted to hash a few things out in her mind but needed to verbalize what she was thinking to get a clearer picture. As we talked I realized how much I enjoy the process of conversating. (Conversate, by the way, is considered a nonstandard -intransitive verb according to some sources).

Situations don’t always get resolved immediately as a result of a good chat but I’ve found it sometimes paves the way for a resolution.

With the permission of the person to whom I was speaking I later shared the gist of the conversation with MOMD. More clarity and a few suggestions for my friend as a result of that conversation.

A different perspective often is just what I need to hear when trying to figure out something I need to do.  There have been so many times when a comment by another was the missing piece.

Other conversations transpire just for the fun of having them. The funny stories-perhaps a light hearted recounting of some foible of mine.

And still other oral exchange of sentiments (Merriam-Webster’s definition) are more serious in nature. Talks about the tough stuff of life.

As I pondered the conversations in which I’ve been recently been involved I was struck by how much I enjoy talking and listening. I would imagine this comes as no surprise to those of you with whom I am personally acquainted. In all likelihood we have had a chat or two.

Have you had any good conversations in the last week or two? Any non-confidential ones that you can share?

Thank you for reading!



  1. Nancy says:

    Isn’t it a shame that a conversation now seems to be done on the internet instead of in person or over the phone! I understand it’s convenience yet, something is missing.

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