Dead, Wet, Blocked, Forgotten, Aflame, Safe, Dry, Unblocked, Retrieved, Etc.

Dead Car

Torrential rains with lightning

Roofing trailer blocking garage door containing car that needs to be accessed

Garage door opener on visor in dead car across town

Tortillas on fire in broiler

Multiple smoke alarms blaring alerting me tortillas are on fire

Two hour time period

Good news:

Dead car in dear friend’s driveway. Since the dead car was in her driveway we were inside during the torrential rains and lightning.She was able to give me a ride home once the storm abated.

Roofing trailer will be moved by noon tomorrow-in time for when I need to get the car.

MOMD will pick up garage door opener when he is on that side of town tonight.

Nothing besides the tortillas were on fire.

Confirmation that all smoke alarms are in fine working order.

Second batch tortillas did not catch on fire.

Just another day in the neighborhood.


    • Cindi says:

      Rosemary, Thank you so much for stopping by. I stopped by your blog as well and left a comment. I’ll stop by again. Thank you for reading.

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