December Discoveries


I like candy cane kisses.  Drat!

Clothing shrinks in December.

People act annoyed when a game is suggested that incorporates singing The Twelve Days of Christmas but they get over it quickly, laugh and get into it.

Mailing packages early is better than mailing them late.

It is more fun to go to the airport to pick up my sister before Christmas than it is to drop her off at the airport after Christmas.

Undecorating the house does not carry the sense of excitement that decorating does.

The anticipation of planning holiday festivities is fun.

I enjoy the actual holiday festivities.

Discussing festivities afterwords makes for a great time as well.

The voodoo doll has been renamed-sort of.  It got passed TWICE this season. Both times involved laughter and a retelling of how it ended up in our family.

When creating a game that revolves around Christmas songs it may be a good idea to leave out the carol entitled Good King Wenceslas.  People nowadays just don’t know about good music.

Crumbled cookies are just as tasty as unbroken ones.  I declare cookie crumbles to be calorie free. Perhaps this is an attributing factor to my clothes shrinking in December.

Have you discovered something new this December?  Tell us about it in the comment section below.  It doesn’t have to be silly, by the way.  You may have discovered something profound.




  1. Jill says:

    Simplifying our December expectations and schedules can be more difficult than expected, but it’s worth trying, even if we didn’t do as well as we had anticipated. But it’s better to start and see how to improve, than to just continue careening along . . .

    • Cindi says:

      Christmas stuff is packed away in tubs and it seemed to go much quicker this year. Of course it wasn’t nearly the fun that decorating was but this year was definitely progress! “Continue careening along” is a great way to put it… I am working toward being more deliberate in my choices and while careening sounds fun one just knows there’s a crash up ahead if one continues careening. 🙂

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