Do I Know You?

There was a man at the convenience store.

He kept looking at MOMD (Man Of My Dreams) as if he might know him.

He said hi to MOMD and then said, “I was looking at you to see if you were my father-in-law.”

WHAT? When MOMD told me this I laughed.

Doesn’t the guy know what his father-in-law looks like?

Does his father-in-law wear a name tag at family gatherings?

MOMD continued his story.

MOMD said that it made him feel bad because the guy was about his age.

MOMD said to the guy, “Crap.  I must really look old.”

The guy’s response?  “I married a younger woman.”

So glad I didn’t have a mouthful of water when he delivered THAT line.

And speaking of MOMD…he talks with his hands.  Constantly.  We were watching a youtube video of someone the other day and MOMD commented that she sure used her hands a lot while speaking.  I was able to keep a straight face for about 30 seconds and then I burst out laughing as it dawned on him what he said.  Just now he came into the office to tell me something and his hands were waving and moving.  I said to him, “Go out of my office.  Come back in and tell me that same story without using your hands.”  He tried but this time his head was bobbing around and his eyes were moving back and forth like his hands would have been had they not been jammed in his pockets.  Hilarious.

These are the things that endear us to one another.  The things about those we know well that make them unique.  I find great joy in knowing things about those closest to me. There are those crazy things about me that those who know me well recognize as being that which makes me me.  I’ll share a secret here.  There are a lot of crazy things about me.  Hide your shock.

Think about the people to whom you are closest.  Take a moment to think of one unique thing he or she does or says that brings a smile to your face and then maybe take another moment to be grateful that you have that person in your life.


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  1. Mary Ellen says:

    Must be a family trait as I do this all the time too, and don’t even know I am doing it. I don’t want to say he got it from me, it may be that I got it from him. Either way our hands are always waving and moving and it would look even more odd if we weren’t saying anything while we were doing it and then it would be a game of “guess what I am talking about”. LOL!!! Enjoyed your story Cindi

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