Do You Know The Way To Santa Fe?



That was my recent Facebook status post.

It wasn’t until I arrived in Santa Fe that I realized the song mentions San Jose, not Santa Fe.


Did that bother me?

Nope, not a bit. It made me laugh.

When I arrived I checked my Facebook I realized that what I failed to explain was that this train ride of mine originated in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

It was actually a commuter train.  I did not ride cross country on at train.

Facebook friends commented that they were excited to hear about my trip.

In order to answer those question I will share some of the highlights of the more memorable moments.

Memorable Moments

Our upper deck car stopped about 2 minutes after we boarded. It was, after all, a commuter train.

Apparently, it was a good day for a middle school field trip.

Enthusiastic, excited middle schoolers.

A whole passel of them.

I stood up and banged my head on a metal pole above my head. Not once. Twice.

But wait!  There’s more.

Sometime during the trip my cousin Maggie’s water bottle rolled away and so she experienced a bit of dehydration throughout the day.

As shown in the photo above I got to sport one of the two winter sweaters I own.

I know you have enjoyed this recounting of the details as much me.

The last thing to say about this is that there was no train ride back to Albuquerque which may have included even more exciting events.  We met up with Lar, Maggie’s husband, and rode back in his car. He was working in Santa Fe that day (ah, a little poetry) and this had been our plan.  It was, after all, a commuter train.

Come back often for more exciting adventures.  I will try and provide enough details where you can experience the same thrills vicariously.

By the way, I really did enjoy the train ride!

Thank you for reading! I hope this brought a smile.




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  1. Claire says:

    Hi Cindy, I noticed it was a rail runner, not a road runner… you would have been in Santa Fe in a flash. 🙂 haha

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