Doing The Hard Work

Doing The Hard WorkGrief

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It takes a lot of things to make new inroads in our lives.

Walking through the grief process with a dear friend who recently was widowed has given me a tiny glimpse of the the hard painful work of grief. We’ve spoken about the fact that grieving is something that cannot be rushed. There is no magic pill or easy abracadabra formula for the process. It is a step by painful step journey. Family and friends can walk along side for a while but my friend is continuing to discover that she must go through it, even when she doesn’t want to. Those who walk along feel helpless because we want the pain to subside but we know there is only so much we can do.

On different levels it is the same with so many areas of life. Circumstances that we would love to see changed magically and quickly often take days, months, years or decades to rectify. We want slender, well toned bodies and fat readily available bank accounts. Rarely (never) do either of those things happen without hard work, discipline, consistency and a plan.

How many times are we promised the dietary supplement that will take the place of eating better and exercising more? The franchise offer that will make us an overnight success? Sometimes I’m duped because I don’t want to do what is necessary to accomplish what I set out to do. I want the easy way.

I have a long way to go in so many areas. The good news, though, is that I am making little baby steps of progress.  A few things have helped me along the way.

1. I got started. At one point I went to my first zumba class. Wrote my first blog post. I went for my first bike ride. I can do more now but it all started with the first attempt.

2. I have incredibly supportive people in my life. Yes, I have to go exercise and sit down to write, etc., but it helps so much to have others in my life that do the same and encourage me along the way. Sometimes those people don’t even realize the impact they’re making. A few weeks ago it was raining right around the time I was suppose to be leaving for zumba. I was feeling lazy and had all sorts of excuses to stay home. I hopped on Facebook for a minute and saw that one of my zumba friends had posted two words. “Turbo Tuesday”. By cracky, I got myself out of my Lazy Girl chair, donned my yoga clothes and off I went.

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3.  Sometimes I eat deep fried onion rings, play Texas Hold ‘Em with the hooligans instead of work and am grateful for the moments to do both.

At the end of the day I’m realizing I have to do the hard work if I want to succeed BUT also need to play hooky and give myself a break along the way.

How about you? What areas are you doing the hard work?

Are you taking little breathers along the way?

Who is on the journey with you?

Thanks for reading!

Gratefulness matters.

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