Don’t Wanna

Sometimes you just want to sit down on the jobAre there times in your life when you just don’t want to be a grownup? The times when it would feel better (momentarily) to just sit down in protest instead of accomplishing a task.

I have those times.

For 3 months I have walked past a room in my home that needs major purging. We did some rearranging a few months back and this particular room became a dumping ground of miscellaneous stuff. An indoor garage, storage unit, office, and book barn all in one. The goal is for this room is going to be a guest room/my office.

The original plan was that NOTHING was going into that room unless it was staying in there. Didn’t quite happen that way. All the stuff that needed to be dealt with (donated, filed, discarded) ended up in there.  Not good.

As I peeked in there recently I thought, “I just don’t want to tackle that. I want someone else to deal with it”.

I imagine if I wait long enough that’s exactly what WILL happen but that seems a little drastic, if you know what I mean.

It goes beyond procrastination.

I would like someone else to do the work. The problem is it is MY stuff. My mess. I can enlist others to help. MOMD would assist but ultimately the decisions of whether to keep or donate are mine alone to make. This applies to many area of life, doesn’t it?

Are you like me in that you sometimes wish someone else could just do it, whatever it is? Take away the pain, deal with the tough decisions, exercise, be disciplined…things for which I would like the benefit without having to do the work.

There are just so many other fun things to do in life.

Last year around this time I made great progress in my thirty day challenge. The areas that I decluttered have stayed decluttered and organized so that is good news. There is stuff that I didn’t tackle at the time, so here it is, still waiting for me to make the determination of its final destination.

This battle rolls around on a regular basis because I often feel like I “should” do a garage sale with the stuff I no longer want. At one point the items seemed worthy of purchase so perhaps (my SHOULD voice declares) I should try and sell them and recoup some of the money invested.

A few questions come to mind as a result of this faulty thinking.

*Do I want to spend the time and effort necessary to do a garage sale the right way, which means meticulously marking items for greatest financial gain but still priced to sell?

*What if it rains the appointed day of the big sale? I don’t have a garage in which to store the specially priced items.

*Why am I listening to the SHOULD voice anyway?

I have matured a little bit since writing the opening sentences of this post. After realizing how ridiculous it is to put off getting rid of the stuff that is preventing me from going forward with my guest room/office redo project I consolidated a bunch of stuff in one place and am scheduling a pickup of said items.

Out with the old (or at least preowned) and in with the carefully selected, neatly organized and frugally acquired but beautiful, new.

Thank you for reading.

What projects are you doing around the home front? Feel free to leave a comment below or send a photo or two.

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  1. Becky Doll says:

    I also have a room like you described & it indeed needs to be tackled. I’m glad I’m not the only one that has issues such as that. Thanks for sharing!

    • Cindi says:

      Hi Becky,
      I daresay many of us have areas or rooms like this! I really want the stuff out of there so that I can do something fresh.
      What kinds of baby steps can we take so that we can at least make some progress?

  2. Kathy Gagneau says:

    I have a room such as yours. It is full of my STUFF and stuff from my Mom and Dad’s house. I have been contemplating your 30 minutes for 30 days idea ever since I read that last year. Still haven’t done it yet, but it is always in the back of my mind. There is hope yet!

  3. Cindi says:

    Hi Kathy,
    YOU have inspired me to write a sequel to Don’t Wanna! Thank you.
    When it comes to clearing out these rooms full of stuff I say Let’s Do This!
    And, yes, there is hope!

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