Driver’s Re-Education Needed

We were invited to a small get together this afternoon. Because of other obligations we were running a bit late. I texted the hosts and since it was a casual lunch it wasn’t a problem. The problem was my attitude on the way to the luncheon.

We live in an area that is bursting with tourists at certain times of the year.  Guess what!  This would be one of those times.  Typically when it is what we refer to as “season” I would not even attempt to head to the place we were invited on a Sunday afternoon.  Today, however, we ventured forth.  I knew traffic would be backed up for a few miles.  No problem.  I was prepared.

The issue isn’t the volume of traffic as much as the people who don’t seem to play by the rules.  I am (mostly) a rule follower (until I’m not).  I was driving and MOMD was relaxing in the passenger side (as much as he ever relaxes when I’m driving).  As car after car behind me started darting into the right turn lane, driving as fast and as far as possible only to slip back in to the left I started fuming.  I don’t yell and I don’t use any fingers to show my displeasure.

My job, at those times, is to assist the rude drivers by blocking them with my vehicle. You know, slide on over to the right on an angle, in case they are unaware that when the sign says RIGHT TURN ONLY it means people in that lane should be prepared to turn right.

MOMD does not think I am helping in these cases.   A person should stay in his/her lane.  He felt the need to express this to me.  He thought it was wise to explain that should a person behind me decide to use the lane I was partially occupying and that person’s car met up with our car, paperwork would need to be completed, we may not have a car and we probably wouldn’t make it to our luncheon anyway. Now that last part made sense to me.

I informed him that had I been alone in the vehicle the cars behind me would have been exposed to more of my valuable teaching.  I believe the traffic was impeding both of our hearing because we said many of the same things to each other repeatedly. I didn’t really want to yell because, after all, we were in a convertible, the top was down and in those situations you never know who might be listening.

It could be someone I just sat in front of at church just a few hours prior to our excursion. What if he or she saw me being crabby and selfish?  Oh gee, it would confirm what is already known by everyone that is acquainted with me…sometimes I’m crabby and selfish.

As we inched along I kept reminding myself that the journey would be worth it.  I had an idea of what we would see upon arrival to our destination.

The trip which usually takes 20-25 minutes took an hour and 20 minutes.

But as I looked to the right I asked MOMD to snap a picture of what we were seeing.



And when we arrived at our destination…



It took us even longer to get home.  But as I looked to the left I realized I was in the perfect place to enjoy the sunset and snap another pic while stuck in traffic.

Not only that, I was with one of my favorite people in the whole wide world, it was 72 degrees and it WAS worth it.  MOMD had a good belly laugh thinking about our ride out there, which, in turn, made me laugh.


Perfect sunset


The situation, and my attitude, did make me think just a little bit about life in general.

There are a lot of frustrating, unfair things.

Many rude people.

Often the journey is much longer or much shorter than we thought it would be when we started out.

Usually the best course of action is to get back in my own lane, worry about my own bad self, keep going toward my destination because in the end it will be worth it!

Now if only we can get those rude goofballs signed up for Driver’s RE-education, we’ll be all set.



  1. Kathy (Parks) Gagneau says:

    I feel your frustration with drivers Cindi. Drivers passing in the right turn lane irritate me also. My biggest pet peeve are those drivers that stay in a lane that is under construction (which in Michigan is 10 months of the year!) until the very last foot and then move over. The fact that they have had two miles to move over doesn’t seem to faze them in the least. I am usually a very polite driver – I will let people squeeze in when traffic is congested, etc. But I WILL NOT let someone in who waits until they get to the barricades before moving over – they can wait in line just like everyone else has to!

    • Cindi says:

      Hi Kathy, Thank you for reading. I am so surprised at how ticked off I got with all the people riding up the right lane! I know there has been a lot of construction in MI this past year (as always) and people just want to get where they are going! Hoping your new year is going well!

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