Early Warning Systems_Thankful Thursday

Escape plan

I am bombarded with information every day. Surely, you could say the same. Much of what is conveyed is useless, untrue or irrelevant.

There are, however, helpful alerts. Amber alerts, silver alerts, low fuel lights in our vehicles.

The one that I am grateful for today is a weather alert advising of a hurricane headed toward our state and up the eastern seaboard. Preparing for a weather event is tiring and seems futile. Many many lives are saved, though, when the warnings are heeded.

Hurricane !

Complacency is not a good choice if a hurricane is headed your way.  I must admit we have been guilty of this many times.

Extra water, flashlights, gas tank filled… so repetitive they sound like the squawking sounds used for adults in Charlie Brown cartoons. And yet, just as Charlie and his friends surely must have benefited from the adults in their lives we are smart to pay attention to early warning systems.

Early warning systems come in all shapes and forms. I was chatting with one of the hooligans recently about relationships. She explained that an acquaintance recently went through a break up and that it was very painful. There were “warning signs” about impending doom and fortunately this young woman chose not to ignore them.

How much heartache would we be spared if we paid attention to the signs!

Meanwhile, if you are in the predicted path of Hurricane Matthew be safe! Heed the warnings! Throw a hurricane party when it’s safe to travel.



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