Eat! Work! Play!_Thankful Thursday

Last week was so busy. We traveled to Montreal on a business trip but certainly found time for eating and playing.

For me, even working a product table at a large convention was fun because it involved people watching AND conversing with people. People have their stories and are usually happy to relate them.

It was windy when we arrived and I actually got to wear the coat I had purchased the previous day.

I'm a happy girl when the temperature dips into the 50s.

I’m a happy girl when the temperature dips into the 50s.

And then there is this guy. Still makes may heart flutter.

Canada has pay phones!

Canada has pay phones!

MOMD has commented to me numerous times about how odd it is that we really don’t see many pay phones anymore. Well, Canada has them and so I had to snap this picture.

The one touristy thing we did was a three and a half hour bus tour around the city. What a fabulous way to see the sights when you have limited time available!

Our driver was quite the character, interspersed opinions about politics and his country and thought we needed to stop for bagels at a famous bagel shop.


Notice the fourth bagel listed under bagel special!


You just know I had to ask about and purchase a Bozo Bagel! It was quite large and had poppy seeds, rye and, frankly, cannot remember what else. I’m not clowning around when I tell you I still don’t understand why it is called a Bozo Bagel.

We rounded out our bus tour with a couple of lattes.


How thankful I am that MOMD and I got to make some new memories!


  1. Ruth Ann says:

    You both look great! (Saved your pics to my photos) Looks like you had a fun time in Montreal…..somewhere I have never visited! Looks like a nice place to visit…..London, Ontario was where Al and I went on our Honeymoon……almost 50 years ago…….nice to see you two lovebirds having fun together! Love you guys!

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