Familiarity_Thankful Thursday

Familiarity breeds contempt or so the saying goes.

I disagree.

A few weeks ago I stepped into my daughter’s closet and was immediately transported (in my mind) back to my Grandparents’ cottage in Indiana. The familiarity of the knotty pine made me feel happy. I stopped and stared at the wood and thought back to the memories of being at the lake with family.

So many things are like that – a new location or experience fused with a distant memory.

The aromas associated with a certain type of food, the words of a well-loved book, revisiting a town where I once lived and remembering the street names.

Hearing a friend’s laughter across a crowded room, a song I haven’t heard in decades.

The Star Spangled Banner, an old photograph, the scent of a dear friend’s perfume.

A key that sticks in the lock, the creaky stair, the small drip of a faucet.

If I am not careful I can take for granted the things that are familiar. They seem so mundane that I no longer appreciate them for what they represent.

Taking the time to appreciate the familiar is a way for me to acknowledge the blessings in my life. To slow down long enough to enjoy the small pieces of life.

What familiar things bring you pleasure?

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