Feels Like Starting All Over

The first year I blogged there was one day I did not post.

It was more difficult to post on some days than others. There were times when my fingers flew across the keyboard while other days it was a much much slower process.

I had momentum. It was a habit. I don’t earn money blogging. There are no book offers in the offing.  I write because I love to write.

I blogged consistently well into the second year.

But then.

I came across a blog of someone who advised that bloggers who blog every day are basically wasting his or her time. That nobody cares or takes the time to read someone who blogs every day.  And somewhere, somehow it affected me.   Make no mistake, I allowed it to speak to me.  I’m sure that he has plenty of analytics to support his thoughts.

But there was something I had forgotten or disregarded.

I write because I love to write.

Please don’t misread what I am saying. Some of the kindest words that have ever come my way have come from some of you. The “me too” moments that others write about. The connection. I so appreciate when a heart is touched.


I write because I love to write.

Are you wondering why I am even writing this?

To let you know that in some ways it is more difficult starting again than when I first blogged. Back then I had aspirations but didn’t know if I would even like doing it. I didn’t know if I would continue for more than a month. One day turned into the next and I realized how much I enjoyed it. From the process of restarting I became aware (in a very very small way) of what others face on a daily basis. Looking for a job after a time of being out of the workforce, trying to start dating again, exercising after a long hiatus.  A tad bit of apprehension but excited that it may just turn out fine!

There is a second reason. I want to encourage you to keep doing something you like doing (as long as it is healthy, moral and legal). Think twice before listening to an expert that you have never met and who does not know you.

The third reason is because, well, I write because I love to write.

The other night my head hit the pillow. I was sleepy. Lights out.

BOOM! Words, words, words zipping through the brain. Light back on. Words duly noted on the phone. That’s when I knew I would be writing again soon.

Thank you for reading.

I would love to hear your thoughts or story.

Gratefulness matters!




  1. Nancy says:

    I was wondering where you have been lately! Glad you took a little time off to put yourself back together! I love hearing and reading what pops into your mind! Write on cousin, write on!.,
    Love ya!

  2. Pat says:

    As an old fart, the best thing I took note of was that you took note on your phone. To this day, I am relatively computer literate, but feel most comfortable using paper and pencil for my thoughts. I’m glad you have refound your voice.

  3. Christina Cook Lee says:

    On the days when you don’t seem to have anything…read through some of your older posts. Maybe you’ll read one that speaks to you and will either get you inspired with a new thought to write about…or compelled enough that you’ll post it again.

  4. Catherine A Tellish says:

    So glad you are writing again. Love your style and thoughts. Nice to read that we all share some of lifes trials and tribulations.

  5. Catherine A Tellish says:

    So glad you are writing again. Nice to read that we all share some of lifes trials and tribulations.

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