Firefighters_Thankful Thursday

Firefighters fighting fire during training

Last week one of the hooligans was under a mandatory evacuation due to wildfires. As a matter of fact, her town was under evacuation orders. Not all the residents obeyed the order. This is neither the place nor the forum to address that issue.

Others entered the evacuated area. Most of them didn’t probably didn’t live in the town. They weren’t there to protect their own property. The assets they were attempting to save belonged to complete strangers that would never even be able to thank them. The brave women and men that battled the inferno chose a career fraught with danger. Life threatening danger. They chose a job that takes them from safety and family to do battle on behalf of someone else’s safety and family. Because of the bravery and hard work and all else that goes along with fighting raging fires the town was spared and the evacuation order lifted.

Last night, shockingly enough, another hooligan had an encounter with a fire. This one involved a house. All are safe-including the family pets. Again, it is the firefighters who showed up to a family’s home and did what they could to save the structure.

My grandpa was a firefighter. My uncle was a firefighter. I was quite young when both of them were battling blazes and never realized the implications of the dangers involved. I just knew that the firetrucks were pretty amazing and the sirens very, very loud. My dad used to say that the firefighters were the ones who ran in when the rats ran out.

I cannot personally thank the people who fought the fires for either hooligan but rather would like to thank all who chose the profession.

Thank you!

Truly grateful!



  1. Nancy says:

    Thank God they are all safe!! I remember your gramma and my dad sit and talk fires any time they were together! You don’t know how dangerous a job it is till you wake up one morning, to find several firemen at your kitchen table crying because they lost one of the fellas at the house at a blaze. It must be 50 years ago and yet, it seems like yesterday when I think about it. Most people just don’t have a clue to what some of our firemen do for our safety. Anyone who has an extra prayer, it would go well to say for one of these brave men and women.

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