Firmly Planted

dark forestDuring Turbo Tuesday Zumba today Gretchen suggested that we try some balancing during some of our moves. We were doing a modified tree pose. The idea basically is to stand firm, focus on a spot in front of you, shift your weight to one foot and then lift the other leg.

It takes practice and is easier for some than for others. Some, like myself, end up waving my arms around a bit for counter balance. Trying to stay upright is a priority.

Teri, my friend and former Holy Yoga instructor use to remind us that we could use our arms as branches of trees blowing in the wind.

As we were quickly doing all of this today I thought about the different women in the room. I was fairly near the front so I don’t know how all of them were doing with regards to the tree position. Nor does it matter. What is important is that we were all there, giving it a shot.

I know some of the women by name and I know a little about their lives. I don’t know what storms they have faced or in the process of facing even as I type this.

If each woman in that class truly was a tree then many shapes, sizes and ages were represented.  There were young thin beautiful trees. Perhaps they haven’t faced the harsh winds yet. Maybe they have and just don’t show it outwardly.

Others are tough and flexible and strong.

There are the solid average looking trees-those that have weathered hurricane strength gales. They may be bent a little in spots but they are sturdy.

What I thought as I attempted (and often failed) to balance for any length of time was that it wouldn’t help me at all to try and be anything but the tree that I am, not focused on how others succeed or don’t succeed. I don’t need to take myself too seriously. In life’s grand scheme it matters not one whit if I even can do a tree pose. The thing that is crucial is that I am rooted and watered and standing firm and bearing the fruit that I have been created to bear.

And he (or she) will be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water,

Which yields its fruit in its season,

And its leaf does not wither;

And in whatever he (she) does, he (she) prospers.    Psalm 1:3

We aren’t guaranteed that it will be easy, pain free or that our journey will look like anyone else’s.

My you be firmly planted, well watered and bearing the fruit you were designed to bear.

Thank you so much for reading!

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